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Realmgolds - Mike Reeves-McMillan I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

I liked this book. Although it focuses on political action, it was not boring. It has a good pace and some excellent subtext in the dialogue.

By the world, it is clear that Reeves-McMillan has been thorough. It is set in the age of most steampunk, except that this has a higher focus on fantasy, combining a world with Dwarves, Centaurs, Gnomes, Humans, Beastkind and ancient, Elven magic with the early stages of an industrial revolution.

The story focuses on Determined, the Realmgold (head honcho) of Denning, as he hits his head against political roadblocks and minefields. Even though he is ostensibly the leader of the realm, most of his power had been dispersed to the lesser Golds (think Senate and heads-of-provinces/states) by one of his ancestors.

Meanwhile, some of those Golds have been plotting a coup through the rise of a hate group which puts Humans as supreme and the rest of the Realm's citizens as inhuman and lower class.

Enter Victory, the Realmgold of Koskant, who operates her Realm with a lot more success and a distinctly more liberal ideal.

Realmgolds touches on a lot of themes—racism, cults, justice, strategy—but the main theme is Determined's determination (Sorry.) to change his position.