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The Emperor's Edge (The Emperor's Edge #1)

The Emperor's Edge (The Emperor's Edge #1) - Lindsay Buroker This book made me late for class. It kept up most of the night, too, but a lot of books do that. It takes a good book to make me miss my bus.

I first read Lindsay Buroker’s writing in her short story, Ice Cracker II (Free! Check it out!). It takes place after the events in The Emperor’s Edge, but does nothing to spoil the story. I was hooked. It was like getting a really good cookie, and then wanting the rest of the package. At only $2.99, The Emporer’s Edge was well within my starving-student budget.

I’m one of those writers who believes it is the characters, more than the plot, setting, and action, that drive a story. Buroker has developed her characters to the point all authors should strive for: they are real, unique, and develop well through their interactions. They drive the story like they stole it. In addition, Buroker’s description is laced with humour and clever witticisms, and the plot is well-researched and developed. She has paid much attention (but not too much!) to the political motivations within the story. As a major fan of history, I really appreciated the details.

tl;dr? Thumbs up.